Explore hidden world of microbes in new comic book

Research led by University of Manchester scientists has inspired a comic book aiming to help young people aged 10 and above understand the wonder of microbes.

The comic book was written by author and illustrator Edward Ross and microbiologist Dr Jamie Hall from The University of Liverpool, with input from a team of scientists from the Universities of Manchester, Liverpool, York, Sheffield and Birmingham and the John Innes Centre.

Aimed at pupils at key stage 3 and above, Luna & Simon: Bizarre Bacteria and Peculiar Plasmids is available to download or print at home here. Readers can join Luna and her sulky brother Simon as they explore the wonderful world of microbes. Read about the diversity of bacterial life, and the strange ways in which microbes continue to evolve and change our world.

Professor Michael Brockhurst from The University of Manchester, who led the research, said: “It has been amazing to see the scientific ideas we test in the laboratory brought to life in Eddie’s drawings. Being a scientist is about being curious about the world around us and wanting to find out how it works: just like Luna in this story!”

“Almost everywhere we look on planet Earth, we find microbes. There is incredible diversity and amazing adaptations evolving literally right under our noses. But we usually only hear about microbes when they are causing disease. I wanted to do science communication that would reveal the microbial world as a source of wonder and awe, rather than just a threat,” says Dr Hall.

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