Gezen’s Edited Journal Special Issue Published

Ela Gezen, associate professor of German, recently edited a journal special issue on Aras Ören, one of the earliest and most significant contributors to the emergence of Turkish-German literature.

This special issue was just published with Monatshefte, the oldest continuing journal of German studies in the U.S., and focuses on Ören’s creative work as well as cultural-political contributions, while also highlighting their continued significance.

This special issue brings together well-known scholars from a variety of institutional and national contexts, and not only offers new approaches to Ören’s work, but also includes selected first-time English translations expanding his readership and therefore providing opportunity for inclusion into the English-language classroom.

At the same time this special issue draws attention to the extensive Aras-Ören-archive at the Akademie der Künste Berlin, which not only includes documents relevant to his own work, but also his collection of materials on Turkish-German cultural activities and events in (West) Berlin since the 1970s.

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