News Tip: Ruling Could Reveal Why Trump Has Kept Taxes Hidden, Legal Expert Says

DURHAM, N.C. — The Supreme Court on Monday ordered accountants for former president Donald Trump to turn over his tax records to New York prosecutors. Duke University law professor Lisa Kern Griffin, a former federal prosecutor, says the ruling could reveal why Trump has fought so hard to keep the documents hidden.

“The Supreme Court’s ruling should mark the end of the former president’s long legal battle to conceal his tax records,” says Duke University law professor Lisa Kern Griffin. “New York prosecutors will now have access to eight years of personal and corporate tax returns in the possession of Trump’s accountants.”

“In their ongoing grand jury investigation, prosecutors can pursue leads, and eventually charges, that might arise from the new financial information. As Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance has previously told the courts, his investigation ranges beyond campaign finance violations and involves potential bank, insurance and tax fraud at the Trump Organization.”

“Of course, grand jury investigations are secret, and the returns will remain closely held even though prosecutors have access. But later criminal charges could reveal some of their contents to the public and make clear why Trump fought so hard to keep them hidden.”

Lisa Kern Griffin, a professor of law at Duke University School of Law and a former federal prosecutor, specializes in federal criminal justice and constitutional criminal procedure.

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